Cape D – Maya Lin Confluence Project

Pete Andrusko, founder of the Andrusko Group studio was selected by the Confluence Project to work with Maya Lin to realize her artistic vision for the Cape Disappointment State Park site. The work consisted of fabricating the Fish Cleaning Station from a single pc. of Pacific NW columnar basalt, building out the cut stone plaza sorrounding the Fish Cleaning Station, selecting & setting the natural stone elements at the boat launch, and cutting & engraving the prayer stones inlaid into the walk way leading to the cedar circle. The work was completed in 2006. During the Summer of 2015, the Confluence Project requested that the stone be refinished after 10 years of use. These images are of the stone after grinding and re-finishing.

The work performed for the Confluence Project and Maya Lin Studio is a fantastic, long story, with much more to come…

2016May12 CapeD022016May12 CapeD03



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