Inscriptions – particularly, of the Traditional V-cut variety – are an important & key skill set of the Andrusko Group studio.

There is a wondrous diversity of cutting techniques & forms letter cutting can take, especially when augmented with robotics technologies.

Machs na mit deine haende, mein junge!

While hand-carving is the bread and butter of any stone carving studio and is something basic that must be mastered by every practitioner, the truth is that it is slow, exacting and surprisingly hard on the body for something that appears to be relatively easy. The technology is added life for the carver and more importantly it is economic viability for the project.

All that time spent hand-carving is costly and often makes a beautifully designed project unachievable due to the cost. Sometimes that reality is unavoidable, but whenever possible, carving in the comfort of the studio and the ability to rough in with robotics technology can result in a substantial savings of time and overall cost for the project.

But, the limitations of hand-cutting – certainly in the sense of the economics of time, the natural fatigue of the individual cutter that will affect daily output & work quality, plus the practical lower- & upper-limit scale range of size of letter forms is surprisingly different when it is possible to utilize modern technology in the production work flows. What can be achieved with the technology is – practically speaking – nearly & completely impossible to achieve with hand tools, no matter the time spent or skill of the carver. You can see this for yourself in the following examples.