Landscape Features

The Andrusko Group is a premier, local resource for custom-made stone, fire and water feature landscape elements. We have been working with Landscape Architects, Designers and Contractors for nearly 20 years creating unique and beautiful features for residential and commercial outdoor environments.

We have an inventory of dozens of ready to install natural stone elements & scores of unique, natural stone elements in our collection that are available to be made into the unique feature pc. you have been waiting for to complete your perfect landscape project.

Below is a current listing of available features, many of which have been in public display at garden shows and landscape displays. Please inquire directly with Pete Andrusko, either by email: or by phone 503-720-2408, if you are interested in discussing purchase and installation.


> Pencil Column Fire Sticks

2020 Feb. 28 – These are currently available for sale individually or together, with base supports and plumbing for propane gas.

The existence of these twin fire features has an amazing back story.

I spotted these two natural pencil columns while on a mission to find a feature stone for a client as I was running stone yard to yard scanning the inventory of local stone suppliers in the Portland metro area.

These very handsome columns were unusually long – approx. 10 ft – with a diameter of approx. 10-12 inches. I had an immediate reaction of awe & wonder when I spotted them. At this length, it was practically a miracle they had made it from the quarry to the stone yard intact. Touching them would be risky and likely they would break, as it was evident that most of the others in the pile were 2-6 ft long. I noticed them really because I had never seen anything like this length before. I lusted immediately for what I could make with them.

Naturally, I bought them immediately.

The challenge was to pierce the axis from end to end and land the exit center to the far end. Not your average problem-solving exercise. I had an idea of how to do it. I put together a machine design that would allow fine control of the super long core bit needed to run up their length. Keep in mind that the bit itself is at least 10 ft long (approx. 12 ft in this case, and approx. 1.5in in diameter) it is rotating at high speed while being turned by a hydrolic oil power pack. At high rpm the bit will want to naturally curve and turn in its course through and along the axis. Not much wiggle room.

I landed dead center on the first try with a device I had imagined and then built. Being the optimist I am, I was naturally pleased with the result, but really convinced that I gotten lucky vs been clever. So, I did it again. With the same result. Awe and satisfaction. This device has been used many times to great effect on numerous projects.

I found some thick wall black pipe to run inside the cored channel and used a flexible adhesive along the entire length. This metal tube is actually serving many important functions: obviously supply of the gas to the head, it’s also structural in the sense that it will go a serious distance keeping the stone column intact even if there were to be a fissure or break in the column – the purposeful use of a flexible adhesive running it’s length keeps the thermodynamic movements of the stone and the metal core isolated; it’s also extending out past the base, which in turn uses the extra-thick wall of the black metal pipe as part of the base support mechanism by nesting into a receiver somewhat like a Christmas tree stand. Simple, eloquent and very effective. Just as I like it to be when possible.


First Ripple was one of the first special cut water features I was able to make with the Japanese-made OGYU wire saw I purchased and deployed in the Oregon City, OR studio space in about 2006/2007. It is approx. 5 ft tall and approx. 24-30 inches diameter. This feature is available for purchase and has featured in a number of public venues.

The Chrystal water feature was fabricated from a unique single pc of stone that consists of multiple small crystals. This unique assemblage was cut and faceted to make multiple levels. The water feature was displayed as part of the Teufel Landscape presentation at the Expo Center Home and Garden Show and was a prize-winning garden.



> Bistro Tables