Laser Engraved Wood

The principal artisan of the Andrusko Group – Pete Andrusko – recently started studio experimentation with a 150 watt 3ft x 4ft CO2 laser table. Among the very long list of things this machine is capable of are some very articulate & handsome barn wood signs, plaques, flooring, consumer items & custom-engraved materials.

Many of the examples shown are early prototypes and testing done into barn wood, distressed lumber and rustic cedar fencing, but also included are examples of engravings cut into hard woods, kitchen items, display elements and furniture.

The laser table is proving to be one of the more versatile, productive & interesting tools in the Andrusko Group’s growing armamentorium, with cutting and engraving capabilities that are truly amazing, across a broad spectrum of materials and processes used in the studio.

Naturally, it’s neither a large enough working envelope nor powerful enough to do everything that’s now positively busting out creatively, but, given the cost involved for the hardware, I’m going to have to be patient with what I’ve got for now, at least.


2017Apr13 002