About a year and a half ago I introduced a 15o watt CO2 laser table w/ a working envelope of approx. 36in x 48in into the studio.

My initial interest was to utilize the laser for cutting shapes for wood inlay, but it turns out the technology is really diverse and excels at both the cutting and engraving of a variety of materials.

2016April12 002

The tile shown below is a 12in x 12in marble etched and filled with a pigment stain. The detail is exceptional and has been creating great buzz. I’ve seen examples of laser engraving into black granite for years, often featured at the Stone tool expo’s I’ve attended in Italy. I didn’t realize that marble etches nicely with the laser. Lot’s to explore here.

The following engravings are examples of some of the rustic fence board cedar signs I’ve been experimenting with:

 2016Mar27 948

2016Mar27 949

2016Mar27 977

2016Mar27 944

A few weeks ago I participated in the 2016 CCA Auction and built a display to show my stuff. I laser engraved the plywood sheeting with my logo and description of capability. I was very pleased with the outcome and plan to use it again for the next show I attend.

2016Mar27 1122

I’m also experimenting with wood inlay applications, leather branding, etching of natural stones, glass and plastics, cutting shapes into plywood, etc. – stay tuned, much more to come…

…as a tool, the laser is capable of engraving and cutting an amazing variety of materials & is proving to be a very interesting addition to the Andrusko Group Studio armamentarium.