Closely related to mosaic, Opus Sectile patterned stone and ceramic pavements are a favorite playground for the Andrusko Group Studio.

There is such complexity and color in natural stone, the principal material of the pavements designed and installed by the Andrusko Group. Owner and principal artisan, Peter Andrusko is especially captivated by the historic patterns and traditional beauty and has had the privilege of viewing and studying many of the world’s most elaborate pavements in their original settings: many of the pavements in Venice – particularly Ca D’oro and the hundreds of panels in and around St. Marks, the churches of Rome, Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Ravena, both Monreale and the Capele Normani in Sicily, the coronation panel in the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul, ancient pavements among the ruins of Tunesia, particularly at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis. There are many, many others.

The panels you are viewing have all been designed by the principal artisan Peter Attila Andrusko and are all hand-cut using in-house saws and hand tools. The studio isn’t cool enough yet to own a water jet, but as you can see, the intricacy and quality of the studio production hasn’t suffered much from working old-school with passion to achieve astounding results.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Located in Portland, OR the Holy Trinity Greek Cathedral has 8 individual panels, 7 in the sanctuary and one larger panel in the entry portal to the common area. These original pavements were designed and built by the Andrusko Group studio working with MariLou Diamond, a well know Interiors architect and a parishioner of the Cathedral.

Other Pavements produced & installed by the Andrusko Group Studio