ABOUT: The Group

The Andrusko Group studio is a collection of related business entities founded, owned & operated by principal artisan, Peter Attila Andrusko.

The original plan was to differentiate the various activities & services, then grow and divest each entity into its own business unit. We shall see if this ever becomes what I had in mind at the beginning of my career. Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that the economic disaster of 2008-2012 wasn’t particularly helpful to any of us or our aspirations.

Having said that,… I am still here, for which I am grateful. Which is – I suppose – something. Many of those closest to me: family members, some of my favorite people, clients, friends and associates weren’t as fortunate.


Specialty Masonry Contractors, Inc.

Written in Stone Productions

International Ornament, Ltd.

The Digital Praticien

Modeled upon (and paying homage to) the studio practice of the sculptor Rodan in France during the late 19th Century, the Andrusko Group Studio incorporates more than 20 modified robotic CNC machines into the work flow production capabilities of the Andrusko Group studio.

Universal Stone Products

Note: The Andrusko Group continues to offer exceptional stone fabrication capabilities – both at the studio and in situ – but has sold the Wire Saw to the team at Guinette Masonry located in Vancouver, WA. Otherwise, all stone fabrication capabilities indicated are still available.

Della Terra Cast Stone

Stone Vessels, Inc

Elements of Nature: Stone+Fire+Water

Attila Design

Numbering Systems


NW Hardscape Solutions



NW Architectural Stone

NWAS Prospectus

Pavimentum Studio