Available for Purchase

The Andrusko Group studio is open for business and has a variety of products and services to offer discerning clients.

For a company who’s primary business is engraving, the making of bespoke architectural applied arts objects and the implementation of said unique objects into the built environment with a suite of service offerings, the hard truth is that the Andrusko Group studio actually isn’t set up to operate as a retail storefront & wasn’t designed to be anything like a typical sign shop.

While, most of the work done by the studio is commission-based making on behalf of the A-E-C community, that doesn’t mean we won’t do smaller projects or work with individuals. That’s especially true if it’s something cool and interesting. I like interesting. Oh, and complicated. But, especially interesting.

Mostly, it comes down to a practical economic issue: if you think about it, any enterprise trying to transact a single unit of anything worthwhile – in a production sense – is quickly going to discover it is brutally costly: setting things up requires phone calls & meetings to decide on what’s happening, some quality time with product design, materials acquisition, testing, component production, engraving, assembly, clean up, packaging, transport/delivery, etc.

It’s a long list and ultimately “someone” is going to have to cover the cost of making this happen (Not to put too fine a point on this, but that someone always seems to be me – ha!). What that translates into is a starting, minimum cost for any custom project of $500.00. You may be pleasantly surprised at what that will get you, but…

Yeah, I know – right? Ouch. However, if what you wanted were to already be made overseas with cheap labor & was readily available at a big box store,… well, you know.

But seriously, PLEASE DO inquire by phone or email and we can discuss what it is you are interested in making happen. I probably can. Make it happen. But let’s talk first. Talk doesn’t cost anything. Well,… it won’t cost anything to you.