I’ve had the pleasure of working with a substantial number of very talented artists and design creatives during the past few decades.

The Confluence Project Team with Maya Lin inspecting the Fish Cleaning Station Feature Stone during production at the Andrusko Group Studio.

Sometimes as a customer looking for talent to meet my needs, most often as a specialist provider consulting and/or performing services in the realization of their creative vision producing their unique work and sometimes as an artist brought in as part of a joint collaborative effort.

I enjoy the challenges of working with artists!

One of my favorite glass artists is Christina Amri, who I’ve known for nearly 20 years. She recently relocated from Santa Rosa, CA into the Pearl District of Portland. While visiting her new studio location, I noticed the plaque she was using was cleverly repurposed from a shipping crate.

No judgement, but kinda smallish for the space.

But,… I did suggest she might be happier with a slightly larger sign dimension and generously offered to donate some effort to that end.

Crema Marfil Marble, V-Carved circle and letter form. She sure seemed happy!

I really like Christina and her team. If you want to be impressed with an amazingly talented, multi-faceted technician & artist, you should check out what she can do.

You can find her website here: