The Andrusko Group studio has been actively engaged in installation and site work from the very beginning – primarily, through Specialty Masonry Contractors, Inc. the original business identity founded in 1990.

There were a number of early projects performed with Architectural Reproductions and then a bit later with some of the design team members from A/R, namely: David Bales, Anne Stores and Patrick Gracewood. Those projects that were particularly interesting involved 1% for Art projects.

These included: The Benson Hotel restoration, the restoration of parts of the exterior ornament for a repurposed Masonic Hall Bldg. in Salem, Oregon; The installation of the Chinese Scholar’s Studio exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum; the intricate, decorative cast stone plaza at the old Sears building that was repurposed as the METRO Headquarters; and some beautiful cast stone panels at the McKinstry Library Addition at the University of Oregon Campus in Eugene, Oregon.

Other work has been performed with local masonry companies and often for General Contractors looking for assistance with special problems that require a broad-based skill set and generally someone with detail-oriented, focused attention.

A recent project at the Portland Airport is a great example of this: a series of rare, glass tiles needed to be removed carefully, cleaned up and replaced in Concourse E to allow for some electrical additions and access behind the wall along with some chip repairs. A perfect fit of skill set and need.

Now-a-days, it seems like most of the installation work involves special problems or involves placement of unique artwork produced by the Andrusko Group, although. more and more I am trying to design projects that can be installed by others.