Dimensional Carving

Years ago I raided a few of the old school Italian cast plaster makers in the Los Angeles area. This was just after my first Rose sculptural success and a few sculpting camps in Europe and the USA. I figured having a few dozen plaster casts would prove useful if I couldn’t afford to acquire marble reproductions. Not such a bad plan, actually. It provided me with some relatively inexpensive dimensional pc.’s to work with – feeling and seeing form from every angle is really helpful in visualization – how ironic that the Winged Goddess of Victory was one of them…
The very first carving by principal artisan Peter Attila Andrusko in the 1990’s was a foam model that was used as a concrete element & installed in the Rose Quarter early in the artist’s career.

The Andrusko Group studio has been carving a variety of materials for decades and was an early industry leader in the incorporation of robotics into the studio workflow.

One of the studio’s latest, premier carvings was performed for the executive boardroom of the new NIKE world headquarters which has won the studio a number of prestigious awards and has produced quite a bit of attention.

In addition to hand-carving, the studio has deployed a large number of 3 & 4 axis CNC machines: current robotics capabilities are primarily modified to cut stone, although number of the machines are focused on wood and plastics.

In the round sculpture is still more or less in the domain of hand-carving, although a number of machines are being modified to be able to handle carving in the 4th axis and there are plans someday to move into next generation robotic tools.

The dimensional capabilities include 3D carved detail – primarily, bas-relief which is truly an amazing approach for carving medallions, crests, seals and architectural ornament.

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