Artist's Statement

During the years of my professional life & continuing education and development as a self-taught artist, maker and technician, I have discovered that I thrive and prosper in an environment of extraordinary challenge & complexity.

Realizing and fulfilling the creative visions of exceptional designers isn’t necessarily a very safe place: it requires calculated risk-taking, a fair amount of courage, intestinal fortitude, focus, trust, mutual respect & strong teamwork.

I tend to feel most alive in the midst of the energy expenditure required of adaptation to, and the resolution of, real-time problem-solving inherent in the face of unavoidable uncertainty; this condition, seemingly being normal in the making of something new, in the creation & fulfillment of something that often hasn’t been done before or in some cases, is simply thought to be impossible.

In many respects the majority of my professional life, studio space, assembled armamentorium and acquired skill-set have all been dedicated to the application of artisan craftsmanship on behalf of other’s creative visions: the many talented architects, design creatives and fine artists who rely on my specialized knowledge, technical expertise, intuition and artistic sensibilities who trust me to realize, in a true collaborative fashion, their design intent in the execution of the physical representations of their work.

This relationship requires trust and confidence and I find it deeply satisfying to have had a hand in partnering on so many exceptional projects with some of the most talented and well-known design firms and creative individuals of our time.

Peter Attila Andrusko