3D Carving

For more than 10 years, principal artisan Pete Andrusko has been developing an unique 3D carving capability specifically for use with stone, wood and high-density urethane which utilizes robotics technology and sophisticated modeling software in order to achieve the exceptional in studio carving.


Dimensional Signage

Carving crests and dimensional signage is a natural for this technology…

2016Mar27 749

201301Feb01 009


Decorative Ornamentation

Carving original artwork and historic ornamentation is also a natural direction to explore…

2016Mar27 804

2016Mar27 799

2016Mar27 800


Wood Elements

This wood decorative scalloped, carved element was a serious design challenge to solve initially, but the final result of the dimensional carving in teak wood makes a truly dramatic statement for the Four Seasons Hotel door panels and room designation it adorns. This was a complex and collaborative project: creative design work was through Square Peg Design in Oakland, CA; the Carving and initial hand-finishing was by Andrusko Group; the mill work firm completed the finishing; and the sign element details were performed by Martinelli Environmental Graphics in San Francisco; final installation was performed by the mill work team on site in Hawaii.

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